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Slide Availability

The process of making microscope slides is long and often complicated.  Although we try to maintain stock, various factors can result in back orders.  In an effort to keep our customers aware of potential availability we will maintain status updates on our out of stock slides as follows:

Material Needed:  This is a big one. Often material is only available for a short season each year. Environmental changes also significantly affect material availability.  Plant and animal pathogens can be particularly challenging.  We are always willing to accept material for slide making.

Material in Process:  Once material is obtained it must be preserved, embedded, cut, and then checked for appropriate structures before the slides are actually assembled.  It is not until these processes have occurred that we can determine the number of and time frame for final availability.

Estimated Availability Date:  Once the material has been processed it can be stained, mounted, and put in the oven for completion.  After one final quality check, we are then able to ship your prepared microscope slides.

Contacting Customer Service

You can reach customer service by e-mail, telephone, or regular mail.  Our representatives are available to answer you phone calls between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, Central Standard Time (except holidays). All queries will be addressed as soon as possible. Triarch Incorporated is closed for two weeks for the winter holidays.

E-mail address:  customerservice@triarchincorporated.com

Phone Number: (920) 748-5125

Regular Mail:

Triarch, Incorporated

P.O. Box 98

Ripon, WI 54971-0098


Triarch Guarantee


Triarch, Incorporated’s prepared microscope slides are guaranteed unconditionally.  Unsatisfactory items, if undamaged, may be returned for full credit within 10 days of your receipt. Buyer pays return shipping.  Compensation may be replacement slides, store credit, or monetary refund via a credit posted to the credit card or a mailed check.


Intended Use of Triarch, Incorporated Prepared Microscope Slides


Triarch, Incorporated prepared microscope slides are produced for educational use and are not to be used for diagnosis or pathological comparison in the practice of medicine.


Care of Triarch, Incorporated Prepared Microscope Slides

Triarch prepared microscope slides have been carefully made to give long service. To protect your investment we recommend the following:

  1. Never exert pressure upon the cover-slip. The resins used in attaching the cover-slip remain semi-fluid, hardening only at the edge of the cover-slip. Because of this vertical pressure can crush the specimen, with or without breaking the cover-slip. And lateral pressure can dislodge the cover-slip. As a result, we encourage you to use extreme care in cleaning your slides, as damage from careless use and rough handling is not covered in the Triarch guarantee.


  1. Store slides horizontally in a dark, cool place. Some whole mounts contain specimens so small that the specimens can drift to the edge of the cover-slip if stored vertically. Also, slides stored vertically in a warm room can leak from beneath the cover-slip. The stains used are nearly permanent, as shown in sample slides which demonstrate little or no fading after twenty years on our shelves. However, slides left exposed to sunlight or excessively hot lights can fade quickly and are not guaranteed against such damage.

Quality prepared microscope slides are expensive items. Treat them well and they will serve you for many years!


The prices are net. No additional charges will be made for containers or postage except under the following conditions.

  1. Continental United States: All orders under $400.00 will incur a $10.00 service/shipping charge to cover the cost of slide boxes, transportation and insurance.  All orders over $1000.00 will be billed 2.5% of product cost to cover service and handling, shipping, slide boxes, and insurance.
  2. Orders shipped via Air Mail or Special Delivery will have these fees added at cost.
  3. Orders for delivery outside of the Continental United States will have postage and insurance added at cost based on weight and location.
  4. We are obligated to collect sales tax, where applicable, for the states of Arkansas, California, Indiana, Kentucky, and Wisconsin.
  5.  Exceptions may be made for special cases.


Updated 06/23/2017